The Effects of CBD Use

Synergy between CBD and THC

CBD is an antagonist of THC, this means that if you take any preparation containing both molecules, the effect will be more controlled.

In fact it is known that lately the THC contained in the inflorescences has increased a lot, reaching considerable percentages.

For this reason, many people may suffer if they repeatedly use THC with occasional side effects.

This is because most phenotypes of hemp plants with high THC content do not contain CBD.

In fact, the CBD molecule helps to take a hemp with even a dose of CBD that almost completely eliminates side effects.

For those who experience anxiety, it is recommended not to use indica products with a high THC content, but sativa products with a high CBD content.

How to Use CBD

There are several products to take CBD let’s see them in detail.

Products without THC

To use CBD without the risk of taking THC, perhaps due to work, there are 2 products, pure CBD crystals and oil obtained from hemp seeds with the addition of CBD.

These are the only products that do not contain THC and are therefore totally legal, for the purchase contact the dealer who will be able to recommend you the ideal product.


CBD oil is an oil obtained by extraction of the plant and an edible oil with a generally bitter taste.

The doses vary from one product to another, but it can be used orally under the tongue.

Pure CBD Crystals

CBD crystals are crystals obtained by synthesis, they contain only CBD and can be used in three ways, the recommended dose is 10 Mg per day.

  • Orally under the tongue
  • through the elaboration of culinary recipes
  • Through vaporizers with controlled temperature 170 C

Among the methods listed for vaping, the most effective are undoubtedly taking them orally or by vaporization.

CBD Lotion Creams

There are several CBD creams and lotions, the method of use is simple, spread on the skin to relieve pain and inflammation.

This is the best method if you want to have an anti-inflammatory effect on muscles or nerves.

CBD Tablets

Tablets are one of the latest discoveries to take CBD in the mode of ingestion and, orally, the effects manifest themselves in a few hours.

CBD Combustion Products

Of all the products, certainly the most common are the derivatives and less processed of the plant; the inflorescences, the resins, the full spectrum oils and finally the beaten pollen.

Smoking all these preparations may involve the same risks related to smoking, so it is recommended to use these products only through vaporizers, eliminating the risks of smoking.

In addition, consuming these products every day runs the risk of leaving a small dose of THC in the blood and this could be a problem for various tests and for the driver’s license.

Health Risks?

The World Health Organization has produced a scientific study to determine the risks associated with doping substances.

The study found that the health risks caused by the substance CBD are totally absent, as it is not addictive.

To learn more about CBD lotion, please visit their page for more useful information.