How To Live with Diabetes

Diabetes has over the years become one of the leading diseases in the world. Despite many researches from top doctors, it is still not clear whether diabetes can be cured or not and many doctors just help patients manage the disease and try to live with it for as long as they can. Fortunately, with the right information and a positive lifestyle, one can be able to live with diabetes and still have a good happy life for many years. Here are a few tips to ensure one lives a long healthy life even though they are diabetic;

  1. Medical Advice

One must go to a doctor and get a test to know exactly what level they are and get all the medical facts from a professional. High blood glucose is the cause of diabetes so doctors give medication to lower this levels and probably insulin to control the sugar. The right advice on diet, exercise and medication can only be given by a doctor. No matter the situation; once you are diabetic it is critical that you see your doctor on regular basis for checkups.

  1. Keep a Tab on Everything

Unfortunately, living with diabetes is not a walk in the takes work and sacrifice. In order to ensure one stays on track with all that is needed, it’s recommended that one keeps a register of everything. A home glucometer must also be bought so one can test their blood sugar regularly. The record sheet helps the doctor give you the best advice on your next appointment depending on whether the routine is working or not.

  1. Get Enlightened

The thing about diabetes is that it makes the body more vulnerable to other diseases. It’s important to learn what these diseases are and the symptoms beforehand so you can be proactive. New techniques and treatments for diabetes are also being discovered daily and one should be at par with them. Just don’t get obsessed because this can add to stress.

  1. Communicate

Tell your family and friends about your condition and what exactly it means to have diabetes. This will help to curb peer pressure and having to explain yourself every time plus you need all the support you can get.

  1. Lifestyle Change

Ideally one should do this before they become diabetic but whose to judge. A complete lifestyle change is a must at this point.

  • The first change affects your diet; foods rich in bad starch and sugar are banned plus processes foods, alcohol, sweets and smoking. There is a combination of foods and mineral supplements that one is put on at first and then one can start enjoying the good stuff one by one while checking their blood sugar. Fruits, vegetables and foods rich in fiber should make up 90 percent of your meal.
  • Regular exercise also becomes a mandatory part of the lifestyle as well as staying hydrated all day long to stay fit, lose weight and keep the heart healthy.
  • Learning to manage stress in a better way. There is a risk of depression to people who are diabetic so it’s recommended that one starts seeing a psychiatrist or join a diabetes support group to cope with stress.
  1. Last but not least, when you are diabetic learn to live life like it’s your last day. Play with children, connect with family and friends and be happy all the time.