Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is a mental, physical and spiritual practice that is common in India, this is where it originated. If you have passion in Yoga as a profession, you definitely have experienced some of its health benefits. You may feel more at ease or sleep better after these practices. Yoga helps in preventing diseases and even help you to recover from the same. Some health benefits include:

Improves your flexibility.

When you stick to practicing Yoga, you will realize that your body is loosening gradually and you can make some poses that you thought were impossible to make. There would be a noticeable disappearance of some body aches and pains. Muscles and connective tissues that cannot flex such as fascia may cause poor posture.Tight hips cause improper thigh alignment which can strain the knee joint. Furthermore, lumber spine can flatten causing back pain due to tight hamstrings.

Perfects your posture.

A well-balanced head takes much less effort for the neck and muscles to support it. poor posture can cause muscle and back problems, back aches and neck pains. The body compensates for this by flattening the normal neck and lower back curves when you slump. This is very dangerous for your health as it may lead to arthritis of the spine and cause pain. Yoga can relieve you from this problem.

Builds Your Muscle Strength.

When you have strong muscles, you are protected against back pains, arthritis and prevent falls in older age. Yoga helps you to gain strength and flexibility. This has an added advantage compared to when you choose to go to the gym to lift weight at the expense of flexibility.

Prevents cartilage and Joint Breakdown.

Joints go through their full range of motion whenever you practice yoga. It prevents degenerative arthritis and severe disability by squeezing the cartilages that are rarely used. The joint cartilage only receives fresh nutrients when the fluid within it is squeezed out.

Enhances Bone Health.

As lifting weight helps to strengthen the bones and prevent osteoporosis, so is yoga practice. Some yoga movements such as downward or upward-facing dog can strengthen arm bones which are usually vulnerable to fractures caused by osteoporosis.

Increases Blood Flow.

The exercises on relaxation learnt in yoga can help your blood circulation especially in hands and feet. This aids in transportation of oxygen gas throughout your body to reach out to the cells that are in much need of it. The exercise boosts haemoglobin and red blood cell level which are the tissues that transport oxygen. It also makes the platelets less sticky thus thins the blood.

Drops Blood Pressure.

Yoga is very beneficial to people with high blood pressure.

Improves Your Focus.

When you practice yoga regularly, your coordination, memory, IQ response and reaction time are greatly improved.


Relaxes Your System.

practising yoga will encourage you to relax, focus on the present things and you will be able to slow your breath. This shifts the sympathetic nervous system balance to the parasympathetic nervous system giving you restoration and makes you feel calm. When you breathe slowly, you reduce your heart rate hence reducing blood pressure.