CBD Affiliate Marketing

The hemp industry has become extremely profitable despite its quasi-illegal status in Europe and its banking blackout. Cannabidiol (CBD) products, in particular, have achieved overall success, greater accessibility and product diversity compared to other hemp product categories. While starting a CBD business can carry high overhead costs, starting as a CBD affiliate has relatively low start-up costs.

With more than a hundred “CBD stores” opening their doors in France during 2018. CBD sales in France already represent more than one billion euros. The meteoric CBD market will be a boon for all hemp producers, processors and affiliated distributors.

As an Affiliate Distributor, all you need is a passion for hemp, an online presence and some marketing know-how to grow your business. If you want to create high-quality online content for CBD consumers, read on for tips and tricks on how to boost your business.


CBD affiliate marketing is similar to other types of affiliate marketing. Essentially, you are promoting reputable CBD brands on your website and social media through banner ads, links, and other marketing materials. Each sale you make for the business earns you a certain percentage commission. Online sales and brand partnerships are even more popular in the context of strict regulation of hemp product advertising.

By promoting CBD products and driving traffic to your site, consumers will ideally read relevant content about the specific CBD products they are looking for. For example, if a person comes to your site after searching for “CBD vaporizer pens,” they may also want to read your other content on e-liquid for vaporizers or other tools.


If you want to become an affiliate, you must first create a website and social media channels on networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. You can also include video marketing on YouTube. A diverse online presence can help deliver your content to a variety of audiences interested in CBD. Creating a blog from scratch can be easy with platforms like WordPress or Blogger.

After choosing your blogging platform, you can choose your own domain name, design your website, and start creating relevant content about CBD brands. It’s important to choose trusted CBD brands with a strong affiliate marketing program. Your content should attract your target audience and direct them to your partner brands through links, images or call-to-action buttons. Every time someone clicks on your link with an adjacent tracking number and buys a product, they get a share of the profits.


Passion and curiosity about hemp are crucial to starting a CBD affiliate marketing business. In addition, it’s important for people to find you among a sea of CBD websites, articles, videos, and other content. To attract your target audience, it is helpful to do keyword research to find the exact wording that users type into search engines. Periodic keyword research can help you stay on top of trends and customer needs.

As you grow your affiliate marketing business, you’ll discover new ways to connect with your audience, including creating engaging videos, sending frequent newsletters and creating e-books. and developing marketing funnels to help your audience solve a problem or fulfill a CBD-related desire.

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