About Us

Seasoned Citizen is dedicated to growing the yoga community, one city at a time. Teachers will spend more hours spreading their knowledge. Students will find it easier to find classes that suit them. The studios will find a brand new engine to propel their business. And one day, yoga will become as essential as the water we drink.

Seasoned Citizen brings together teachers, students, studios and new yoga enthusiasts who simply don’t know where to start. Our collaborative platform makes it more accessible and flexible to discover local studios, so that everyone can connect with the style of yoga they prefer.

Booking yoga classes is now easier than ever

Finding new places to enjoy yoga and new teachers and styles is always exciting. With Seasoned Citizen, it’s easier than ever.

All you have to do is book the class of your choice through our platform! By doing this, you will automatically join the teacher’s yogi tribe (if you are not yet a member), and you will ensure that the teacher receives some extra money (including a lot of love) for his hard work!

Find courses when and where

On Seasoned Citizen, there are always courses happening near you right now.

All you have to do is to consult our course directory and book a course whenever you want. You will never be without your yoga companions when you are on Seasoned Citizen.

Find courses when and where

In addition, by booking your classes on Seasoned Citizen, you ensure that your teachers receive a well-deserved commission and contribute to increasing your teacher’s income while taking an active part in building your yoga community!

Seasoned Citizen will help you reach the yogis in your neighborhood and the participating studios that will help you spread your passion for yoga and get paid to do it! To get the most out of Seasoned Citizen, follow these easy tips


Seasoned Citizen will help you reach out to the yogis in your neighborhood and the participating teachers who will help you spread your passion for yoga!

To get the most out of Seasoned Citizen, follow these easy tips.

Share it

Finally, make sure you are active on your news feed. Seasoned Citizen allows you to interact with your teachers and yogis by publishing news, classes, photos and videos from your studio, for example. Seasoned Citizen also allows you to display your publications on Instagram or Facebook (page, group or event).

Your teachers are not yet associated with your studio on Seasoned Citizen? Spread the word on your news feed, invite them to connect to your studio and spread the love of yoga!

In addition, with your Seasoned Citizen news feed, you will save dollars in advertising! Indeed, why sponsor publications on Facebook when you can make yourself known for free on Seasoned Citizen and reach your yoga community directly? So be as active as you can to get the most out of your interactions with your community!

Display your classes

As the world’s first shared calendar of yoga classes and events, Seasoned Citizen’ primary goal is to allow you to add your classes for free and enjoy incredible visibility with teachers and yogis. Your teachers will receive an incentive commission to promote your classes in your studio. In addition, you only pay for the yogis we send to your classes while rewarding teachers for promoting them. This is a great way to express your gratitude to your dedicated staff!

So be sure to add all your classes to Seasoned Citizen to attract more yogis to your studio!